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The Birthdays section is also for birth announcements. Let us know when this joyous moment happens in your family so we can help you spread the news.

In Memoriam is a space to note the passing of someone or to post a tribute to someone who has passed. The person may have died recently or in the far distant past. Let's honor those who preceded us on the anniversary of their passing.

Visitors to Sutor.Org are encouraged to contact us. to submit material for the Date Book.

Contributors Needed

Sutor.Org. is a place for everyone named Sutor or related to a Sutor. There's room here for all. We are looking for visitors to help this site grow in content and features. We've sprinkled invitations throughout the site. If you'd like to see information about you or your family on this site, contact us. We'd love to hear from you and we'd be glad to post your contribution.

Visitors to Sutor.Org are encouraged to submit the story of one of their ancestors. If you would like others to know about your Sutor ancestors, contact us. We can help you write the article if you wish.  

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This site is for everyone who is now or who may once have been named Sutor.

You don't need to be a member of the webmaster's branch of the family tree. If this describes you, please contact us and tell us a bit about yourself and your branch of the family tree.


Featured Stories
Spring is Rumored to be Here ...

According to the calendar Spring began abut mid-day here in Delaware. If you live here, however, you could be excused for doubting it.

Starting a few years back Delaware's winter weather has tended to hang on for longer than usual. This year, as this is being written we are experiencing our 4th Nor'Easter in a row. For those not familiar with this term, a Nor'Easter Google describes it as a storm that moves along the East Coast of North America . It gets is name from the Northeast movement of it winds that are usually from the Northeast. Left untold by Google is the fact these winds are a kind of one-two punch. Very cold air moves down from the far north and encounters warm and very moist are coming up from the South. The result is a kind of cyclone effect where all this wetness gets quick-chilled, turns into snow, sleet and ice and blasts a wide geographic area. Our local weather people are expecting up to 10 inches of snow from our current storm and suggest this may not be the final storm for this season.

About two or three weeks ago the crocus plants in our front yard made their appeance.just in time to be coved by a Nor' easter. They all survived and I was planning on updating the picture above for this years page but right now the weather is far from ideal picture taking conditions.

There's one more oddity headed our way which we can share with everyone in the nation. For the first time in my memory Easter will fall on April 1st the day traditionally reserved for April Fool's Day. I've still got a week or two to figure out how to handled that one.


experienced one of its snowiest winters in a long time. In just two major storms, hitting just before Christmas and then again in January, we had over 6 feet of snowfall. Temperatures stayed below average resulting in those snows remaining in place fro months. And just to keep things interesting we had a few lesser storms filling in the gaps when some melting managed to happen. After a few years of mild winters, the snows are back and so are the freezing temperatures.

An old saying notes March comes in like a Lion...and this year that saying is rather accurate. As this is being written we are expecting a storm which will yield six to twelve inches of snow in less than 24 hours. Good thing I have extra gas for my snow blower. Just yesterday, though, with the last snows finally melted away I noticed out on our front lawn the crocuses are popping up along the sidewalks and in our lower land. Here's hoping they don't get discouraged by being covered up once more.

If the weather where you are is anything like the weather where I am this would be a good to consider reviewing any genealogical programs you may have holding your family data. Have you made any new discoveries over the past few months that may have changed any basic data for one or more individuals? Have you discovered some formerly unknown family members or possibly even a new branch on the family tree? Well, these days, weeks as we transition into warmer weather are good times to make sure all the information you've recently found is corrected entered into your genealogy program.

As those of you who have visited this site over the years known the genealogy work appearing here is a joint effort. My cousin Robert Stockman helped tremendously with the large amount of family data he had collected, then - through this site- we both met a relative we didn't know we had - Diana Sutor who has been a powerhouse of a researcher. She has located some information about my great grandparents that clears up some unknowns and an uncertainty. Diana located death certificates for George and Katherine Sutor. These provide dates of death for both of them. They also show that while Katherine knew information about her parents and passed it on, George did not know or choose not to share such information. In Katherine's case the uncertainty over the first name of her father is now clarified. I have a photo of her father that has been passed down through several generations. My father had printed the man's name on the back noting it was Alonzo. Research done by Bob and Diana refuted this finding no Alonzo but instead finding Lorenzo. And there on the death certificate is the confirmation. His name was Lorenzo.

While the promise of spring is in the air here in Delaware, if you are in a part of the country were it looks like spring is still 6 months away consider curling up to a nice warm computer and wading into making all the adjustments to your genealogical program you've postponed.

The March Links
Click on any of the links below to go directly to these articles.

Check out these articles. Each contains information about a Sutor ancestor or relative who has a connection to the month of March.


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Johan Nicholas Sutor Bio

Look over the names in the March Date Book. If you know or knew any of these persons and would be willing to share any stories about them, please stop by our forum and post your information.


Looking for more information on the Sutor family?
Diana Sutor runs a great web site loaded with information.
Here's a link to it:
Diana Sutor's
Genealogical Web Site

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What's in here?

Sutor.Org web site is now in its 14

th year on line. Over these years we've had a small but loyal number of regular visitors and a number of visitors who have stopped by occasionally. We'd like to be attracting a much large number of regular visitors.

We've been wondering if some of our occasional visitors may not be aware of everything that is available on this site. So we created this article as a brief overview of what's here and where it can be found.

HOME PAGE The items on the home page mostly speak for themselves. There are two items, however, that could use a little explanation. The links and the menubar.

Sprinkled throughout the home page are links that will take you from the home page and onto other pages in this web site. These links are printed in blue and are underlined. Sometimes the link will be the continuation of a home page article or, in the case of the date book, the link will take you to a profile page that lists a bit more information about an individual - sometimes even including their picture. All of these links appear in a window that "floats" above the home page. The window has a close box allowing you to close it and return to a full view of the home page.

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This site is the work of one man named Sutor. It is not now or ever intended to be a commercial site. It's just my way of using globe-spanning technology to provide a way for this small but far flung family to get reacquainted with its members. I'll be creating a lot of the content but to make this site really valuable your contribution of what you know about the extended Sutor family is most important. I hope you will consider joining with me in this effort.

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