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These pictures,
except for
Zander, and
show each
person at
about the
age when he
first became
a parent.


in the
Family Tree


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The Birthdays section is also for birth announcements. Let us know when this joyous moment happens in your family so we can help you spread the news.

In Memoriam is a space to note the passing of someone or to post a tribute to someone who has passed. The person may have died recently or in the far distant past. Let's honor those who preceded us on the anniversary of their passing.

Visitors to Sutor.Org are encouraged to contact us. to submit material for the Date Book.

Contributors Needed

Sutor.Org. is a place for everyone named Sutor or related to a Sutor. There's room here for all. We are looking for visitors to help this site grow in content and features. We've sprinkled invitations throughout the site. If you'd like to see information about you or your family on this site, contact us. We'd love to hear from you and we'd be glad to post your contribution. There are two categories who hope you will consider - Ancestors and Relatives .We post both of these type articles in the Locator section of this site.

Ancestors is the place where you can learn about members of the extended Sutor family who are no longer with us. Contributing this kind of story is a great way to honor the memory of those who you have known and loved.

Relatives is the place where members of the extended Sutor family can meet for the first time or get reacquainted with someone you haven't seen for a while. Note: the relative does not have to be someone born a Sutor. Information about someone who married into the family or someone whose ancestor was a Sutor is also welcome here.

You can also submit an article telling to tell people about yourself. You could tell of something you recently did or accomplished or tell a bit about you life. This also is a great way to post birth announcements, wedding or graduation announcements. We can help you write the article if you wish.

An invitation - look over the names in the Date Book. If you know or knew any of these persons (or are related or married to any of them) and would be willing to share any stories about them, please stop by our forum and post your information. It also would be great if you see your name in the datebook and would be willing to drop us a line with some information we could post. Marlene Bandy did and we thank her for doing this.



Featured Stories
A Short Month filled with holidays!

Strange but True!

George Washington was actually born on Feb. 11, 1731 and in some early records his birth is shown as Feb. 11, 1731-32. How is THAT possible?

The answer involves something that no one living has ever experienced and, hopefully will not have to be concern about happening again - : The World's Calendar changed.

When Washington was born Britain and her colonies, which at time spanned the globe, were using the Julian calendar.This calendar had been created by the Holy Roman Catholic Church and had been in use since the days of Pope Julian. Unfortunately it did not account for the fact the earth revolves around the sun in a 365.25 day orbit.

Over a long span of time it was noticed that the seasons of the year had got out of sync with the calendar. When the problem became obvious the church decided to take action. A new study was conducted that discovered the need for dealing with the quarter day per year and a new calendar was developed. The pope at the time was Gregory so the new calendar was called the Gregorian calendar. But there was a problem. The seasons were still out of sync. The solution was something that, most likely, can never be applied again. Since it appeared that there was a 12 day difference between the start of the seasons as noted on Julian calendar it was decided to move the date ahead by 12 days. Britain created the Calendar (New Style) Act in 1750 and implemented it on December 20, 1751. That was the last day of the year under the old calendar. When the world awoke on what would have been December 21, 1751 the new calendar was in effect and the date was January 1, 1752! This caused George Washington's Feb. 11th birthday to move to Feb. 22.

Those visitors to this site who do genealogical searches reaching back into years before 1750 need to keep this in mind. And those seeking information about 1751 need to know there are 12 "missing" days in that year.

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Mary F. Sutor

Natalie Coric





Diana Sutor


J. Nicholas Sutor

Albert F. Sutor

Our thanks are extended to Marlene Bandy who has submitted two photographs of Albert F. Sutor as well as some of her memories of him. Click on his name above to see the original article with this new material now added.

This space has room for several more links. And, as you can see from our datebook, even that has a few sections with no data. We wish we had more to share with you.



Helpful Information
What's in here?

Sutor.Org web site is now in its 13th year on line. Over these years we've had a small but loyal number of regular visitors and a number of visitors who have stopped by occasionally. We'd like to be attracting a much large number of regular visitors.

We've been wondering if some of our occasional visitors may not be aware of everything that is available on this site. So we created this article as a brief overview of what's here and where it can be found.

HOME PAGE The items on the home page mostly speak for themselves. There are two items, however, that could use a little explanation. The links and the menu bar.

Sprinkled throughout the home page are links that will take you from the home page and onto other pages in this web site. These links are printed in blue and are underlined. Sometimes the link will be the continuation of a home page article or, in the case of the date book, the link will take you to a profile page that lists a bit more information about an individual - sometimes even including their picture. All of these links appear in a window that "floats" above the home page. The window has a close box allowing you to close it and return to a full view of the home page.

The menu bar is located at the top of the home page just below the banner. If you move your cursor over the items in the menu bar you will see each respond by changing color. Each of these menu bar items are sections of this web site. Each contains specialized information. We'll explain these sections a bit later in this article. For now, you need to know two things about these menu bar items. First, menu button for the section you are viewing will have orange colored text and it will not click (since you are already on that page). For all the other menu bar buttons, when the button changes color, you can click it to be taken to that section of the web sit e..

SECTIONS All of the main pages of the various sections display that same banner as the home page and the menu bar so you can freely move about the web site. The first page of a section is a kind of home page for that section telling you the kind of information found there and providing links to allow you to access whatever you wish.

(Read the complete story )

This site is the work of one man named Sutor. It is not now or ever intended to be a commercial site. It's just my way of using globe-spanning technology to provide a way for this small but far flung family to get reacquainted with its members. I'll be creating a lot of the content but to make this site really valuable your contribution of what you know about the extended Sutor family is most important. I hope you will consider joining with me in this effort.

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