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The Birthdays section is also for birth announcements. Let us know when this joyous moment happens in your family so we can help you spread the news.

In Memoriam is a space to note the passing of someone or to post a tribute to someone who has passed. The person may have died recently or in the far distant past. Let's honor those who preceded us on the anniversary of their passing.

Visitors to Sutor.Org are encouraged to contact us. to submit material for the Date Book.

Let's Hear From You!

This site is for everyone who is now or who may once have been named Sutor. You don't need to be a member of the webmaster's branch of the family tree. If this describes you, please contact us and tell us a bit about yourself and your branch of the family tree.

Contributors Needed

Sutor.Org. is a place for everyone named Sutor or related to a Sutor. There's room here for all. We are looking for visitors to help this site grow in content and features. We've sprinkled invitations throughout the site. If you'd like to see information about you or your family on this site, contact us. We'd love to hear from you and we'd be glad to post your contribution. There are two categories who hope you will consider - Ancestors and Relatives .We post both of these type articles in the Locator section of this site.

Ancestors is the place where you can learn about members of the extended Sutor family who are no longer with us. Contributing this kind of story is a great way to honor the memory of those who you have known and loved.

Relatives is the place where members of the extended Sutor family can meet for the first time or get reacquainted with someone you haven't seen for a while. Note: the relative does not have to be someone born a Sutor. Information about someone who married into the family or someone whose ancestor was a Sutor is also welcome here.

You can also submit an article telling to tell people about yourself. You could tell of something you recently did or accomplished or tell a bit about you life. This also is a great way to post birth announcements, wedding or graduation announcements. We can help you write the article if you wish.

Sutor Quick Fact

Sutor's Note Spelling Book
Adele Sutor is the author of this 1915 edition of Sutor's Note Spelling Book. While it shows that Sutor family has a documented history as musicians, nothing much is known of its author. Copies have started to appear on e-bay.

If anyone has a copy and can tell us more about Adele Sutor, please contact us.

To view an enlarged view of the book, click the above image.

Featured Stories

Searching for Ancestors

This month our feature article provides some advice for those who might be just beginning to search for their Sutor ancestors.

Three years ago, since the date ended in a 2, the United States government released another batch of census records. This time it was the 1940 census. The records for the 1950 census will be released in 2022. What's with these 2's? Seems the government has a policy of keeping census data private for 72 years from the date it was collected. The idea was to virtually insure those people whose data was to be publicly released would very likely be deceased by the time that happened. Given the life span of people in the past this was a good assumption. But here I am, a 73 year old, who has living relatives in their 80sand 90s. There's a good chance I'll be around to see the release of the 1950 census making this- the first were my name will be listed..It will be curious to see if my younger sister, who was born in that year, also appears.

The government did something unique with this most-recent data release, however. The data was made available on-line. Now, instead of having to subscribe to an on-line service or seek the assistance of an agency, anyone with internet access can search these records. That's progress! And, while searching for the name Sutor is sure to yield helpful information on relatives and ancestors, there's another factor you may need to consider. .The gravestone picture shown above is a clue.

Jacob Suter is, indeed, one of my ancestors regardless of the fact his name is recorded as Suter and mine had always been spelled Sutor. In fact Jacob Suter's gravestone can be found in a cemetery plot where several of his family members are resting with some of their stones spell their surname as Sutor. The first time I saw this it came as a surprise. But notice the dates on Jacob's stone. During his lifetime literacy was not a universal attribute. Many people could live their lives, quite successfully, and never know how to read or write. If something needed to be written containing a persons' name the writer of the document, often a government clerk, could and would, spell the name as they thought it should be spelled. As a result our family's written records contain a mixture of spellings. Although I was well aware of this issue, it was brought home to me again as I was searching for information about Adam Schaffer, the father -in-law of my ancestor Johan Nicholas Sutor.

Using Google I entered in Adam Schaffer's name and got a list of hits. Many of them were sites I had searched in the past but one of them caught my eye. It mentioned Adam Schaffer and his wife Anna. Linking to it presented a beautifully constructed site for the genealogy of Daniel Barham III. Using the on screen search function allowing searching of the page being viewed, I typed in Sutor. To my surprise there was no information found. Then recalling what I had discovered when doing cemetery searches, I typed in Suter and was successful. The search found 22 citations. Following each one, at Mr. Barham's 7th generation was a listing for person 84 Gabriel Sutor, Sr. son of Johan Nicholas Suter and Mary Schaffer. He was listed as being born in Harve de Grace, Maryland. Having visited the graves of all three of these people I have seen the spelling of the family name on them is Sutor. Is Mr. Barhan's data in error? Absolutely not. And it helps reinforce the main point of this article.: When searching any records for information on relatives or ancestors be sure to check alternate surname spellings. You may just find that elusive bit of information you've been seeking for so long.

Anyone Holding a Family Reunion This Year?

We really would like to hear about how other branches of the extended Sutor family celebrate, or once celebrated, family reunions. Since you are probably a member of the extended Sutor family you know there aren't a lot of us in any one location throughout the world. Also, now with the internet and jet travel, as our children grow up and move out on their own they can sometimes relocate to very distant locations. So with all this expansion and relocation going on how do we stay in touch with each other? Or do we? It would also be interesting to hear from anyone who once took part in a family reunion but, for whatever reason, no longer has that opportunity.

It would be most interesting if some of our visitors would write and let us know how you arrange for family reunions. Do you include only members of your immediate family (sons, daughters, and the various in-laws) or do you include your living uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. Does anyone try for a combination gathering that includes members of both the husband's and wife's families? Does everyone converge at a location near you or do you travel to them?

As you know, Sutor.Org was conceived as a kind of unending family reunion spot. With your contributed articles it is always possible to, electronically, meet with one another. But no matter how you do it, in person or through this web site, here's hoping that we all strive to stay in touch.

The August Links
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Dorothy Sutor

This space usually has several more links listed. Unfortunately, for this month we have only one article about a person appearing in our Date Book. We wish we had more to share with you.

This lack of material points up the importance of the two invitations below. Please read them and respond. You'll be helping us all get to know a little bit more about the persons and personalities making up our extended family.

An invitation - look over the names in the August Date Book. If you know or knew any of these persons and would be willing to share any stories about them, please stop by our forum and post your information.

An extended invitation - do you know, or knew any members of the the extended Sutor family who have ties to the month of August? If so, we'd like to know of them also. Please stop by our forum and tell us about them.

Helpful Information
What's in here?

Sutor.Org web site is now in its 12th year on line. Over these years we've had a small but loyal number of regular visitors and a number of visitors who have stopped by occasionally. We'd like to be attracting a much large number of regular visitors.

We've been wondering if some of our occasional visitors may not be aware of everything that is available on this site. So we created this article as a brief overview of what's here and where it can be found.

HOME PAGE The items on the home page mostly speak for themselves. There are two items, however, that could use a little explanation. The links and the menu bar.

Sprinkled throughout the home page are links that will take you from the home page and onto other pages in this web site. These links are printed in blue and are underlined. Sometimes the link will be the continuation of a home page article or, in the case of the date book, the link will take you to a profile page that lists a bit more information about an individual - sometimes even including their picture. All of these links appear in a window that "floats" above the home page. The window has a close box allowing you to close it and return to a full view of the home page.

The menu bar is located at the top of the home page just below the banner. If you move your cursor over the items in the menu bar you will see each respond by changing color. Each of these menu bar items are sections of this web site. Each contains specialized information. We'll explain these sections a bit later in this article. For now, you need to know two things about these menu bar items. First, menu button for the section you are viewing will have orange colored text and it will not click (since you are already on that page). For all the other menu bar buttons, when the button changes color, you can click it to be taken to that section of the web site.

SECTIONS All of the main pages of the various sections display that same banner as the home page and the menu bar so you can freely move about the web site. The first page of a section is a kind of home page for that section telling you the kind of information found there and providing links to allow you to access whatever you wish.

About this Site This section is an expanded version of this article. It contains in-depth information about each section of the Sutor.Org web site as well as background information about the creation of this web site and a number of articles to assist those visitors who would like to write materials for posting on this site.

The Almanac This section is an expanded version of the date book. While the current month's notable dates always appear on the home page, the Almanac section gives you access to the full year. Found here are year long

Sutors on the Web There are many other persons named Sutor who either have their own web site or are noted on other web sites. This section provides a set of links to allow you to visit these other Sutor web sites and easily return to Sutor.Org. Posted here are:

Sutor Web Sites - web sites created by a member of the extended Sutor family about themselves or their accomplishments or web sites containing information about a living member of the Sutor family.

Genealogical Sites - web sites posting genealogical information about one or more members of the extended Sutor family

Family Tree Sites - web sites posting family trees containing one of more members of the Sutor family.

Family Histories - web sites posting biographical information about Sutor ancestors.

These links open as a new web page. To return to Sutor.Org just use the return or back button of your browser.

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This site is the work of one man named Sutor. It is not now or ever intended to be a commercial site. It's just my way of using globe-spanning technology to provide a way for this small but far flung family to get reacquainted with its members. I'll be creating a lot of the content but to make this site really valuable your contribution of what you know about the extended Sutor family is most important. I hope you will consider joining with me in this effort.

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